Balder Pro Head Shaver Black Xr7000 Review

Balder Pro Head Shaver Black Xr7000Remington has been a famous name for its manufacturing of products like hair clippers, hairdryers, and shavers. The company is synonymous with trust and quality. The manufacturers have been known for their successful ventures in major parts of the world.

With this razor, the head of this razor is a 3-In-1 system with a special trimmer. However, the trimmer is perfect for sideburns and mustaches. While doing a trimming job you simply have to turn the rotating trimmer dial on the back. In addition, there’s a pop-up detail trimmer that comes with this razor.

The Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver Black Xr7000 features 5 Dual Track Heads, delivering 66% more cutting heads for a close, comfortable shaver. Even it comes with a simple touch of the power button, you’ll see an easy battery indicator that lets you know when to charge. The convenient trimmer makes it a breeze to keep up with your precision points, just pop it on lock-in mode and go! No other razor gives you five convenient ways to achieve that smooth shave.

This Remington Balder Pro model Xr7000 Head Shaver all in one trimmer is simple with specifications and modes. So while getting confused with the best all-purpose trimmer, you can rely upon the Remington Great Trimmer.

Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver

Have you been looking for a compact foil shaver that can do an excellent job? Or Are you tired of all the other so-called top-rated head shavers that only cause frustration and razor burns, but not the smooth clean look you really want? The Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver is the best and only wet/dry cordless head shaver that can provide fellows with a close shave. That is budget-friendly and it can cut a close shave with 66% more cutting heads.

The shaver comes with five dual-track heads that are uniquely designed to cut hair in both directions, providing maximum contact with your skin as well as more blades. The advanced flexible head pivot technology allows you to easily shave every curve of your face and enjoy the closest cut possible. This means that no matter which direction your hair grows, it will be cut to perfection.

Balding is no big deal. With the best head shaver, you can just shave your head. But when you do, it’s still a job that demands the care and precision of a good razor. With the Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver, it can be as easy as counting to five.

It has 5 dual-track heads that cut hair in any direction and capture hair in a hair chamber underneath controlling the overall shaving process with 100% Waterproof technology. The share comes with a Pivot, flex, and contour head that follows all aspects of the head and stays close to the skin even over curved surfaces for optimum comfort during shaving.


  • 5 Dual track heads
  • With 100% waterproof
  • Hair capture chamber
  • The shaver cans 66% more cutting heads
  • Up To 50 Minutes run time

xr7000 REMINGTON Benefits

REMINGTON Balder Pro Head Shaver

With the Remington Balder, you can shave faster and more comfortably. It lets you shave faster, smoother, and easier than ever before.

According to the statistics, 2 out of 3 men have some sort of hair loss, which means that they need to shave their heads regularly. It’s not an easy job to shave your head, especially if you have a large area that needs to be shaved. The Remington Balder Pro improves the shaving process through innovative technology and unique functionality for reliable comfort.

The head is designed to get up close and personal with your back. It also offers a Flex 360 degree Neck so that you have easy control over where to shave even difficult places like the back of your head.

5 Dual Track Heads

A fast, close shave has never been easier than with the Remington Balder Pro head shaver.

This handy little unit is 66% more powerful than the Remington Balder F5500 model, giving you double the power at 9600 cutting actions per minute. The Dual Track Heads pivot independent of each other, allowing all hair to be captured.

Its shaver heads can flex in three directions and easily adjust to every angle so you can cut hair growing in different directions. The flexible two-blade system is made for speed as it cuts both long hairs and stubble without pulling or tugging at your skin.


If you’re looking for an upgrade from your current shaver, this Remington is a great choice. With maximum skin contact, 100% waterproof, and dual-track heads you will never get lumps.

When you consider its power, maneuverability, and durability it is safe to say that most higher budgeted models will not deliver a better performance!

Without any confusion, you can purchase this one that is an innovative and easy-to-use shaver accessory that captures 165% more hair than non-capture heads (based on 3 months of customer use). So whether you’re trying to collect clippings to save money, throwing the hairs away, or searching for the cure to world peace, this is a must-have.


If you want to buy the Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver Black Xr7000, you’ll never have to worry about nicks again. That comes with100% waterproof which means you can throw it in the shower with you and shave comfortably wet or dry. This means fewer strokes per pass and no more rashes from shaving cream or gel. The shaver Flex Ball technology will get into every contour of your face and neck with ease – just move the shaver in the direction of hair growth.

A waterproof shaver is a wonderful thing, especially if you ‘want to shave his head. It comes with extra benefits like the shaver will allow you to shave your head in the shower, which is a lot more comfortable than shaving outside the shower. However, even if you can’t shave in the shower, getting a waterproof shaver is still a good idea because it means that you can rinse off your blade without worrying about water damage.

Differences Between Head and Face Electric Shaver

If you won’t want to keep your stubble or have a close shave must buy an electric shaver. On the other hand, some people swear by the use of a standard blade, if you’re not careful, you could end up with cuts and scratches.

However, if you’ve ever tried to trim your face with an electric shaver, you may have run into a few issues. Because of,  most electric shavers are made for the head, not the face. To use an electric razor on the head and then on your face will lead to some problems. If you have sensitive skin, using a head razor could really irritate it. The major difference between these two types of devices is the guard on the blades.

There are basically two types of these shavers on the market. These two types include head shavers and face shavers. Their applications differ from one another as well as their design. Here are some of the differences between these two types of shavers to guide your purchase decision in getting an electric head or that razor for shaving your body parts. So before buying an electric shaver you must consider which is the best for your skin.

REMINGTON Balder Pro Head shaer black MODEL xr7000 FINAL THOUGHTS

In fine, understanding the necessity, the Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver should know which branded shaver can ease their heavy-duty work. For these features, knowing the name of the best shaver brands and their benevolence are important. Know your shaver and its purpose and make an easy life.

With the recommendation of the Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver Black Xr7000 brand first, we’ll all the best brand is known for their performance and prices as well. So choose wisely and get an immense output.

However, Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver is the best shaver to maintain your shaving needs. Honestly, I am truly impressed with the multiple features added to this head shaver which makes this machine even more impressive. So, when you have this one you can use three-speed settings for quick, faster, and premium shave without any trouble.

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