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jetson impulse hoverboardHoverboards may seem like a fantasy from the features, but they are a reality in today’s wonderful tech world. The jetson impulse hoverboard, also known as self-balancing scooters, do not float entirely off the ground.

On the other hand, it has a skateboard-like deck with two wheels on each side. The device user stands on the scooter deck and uses his weight to maneuver the board.

These types of all hoverboards are rechargeable and battery operated. However, you don’t have to put a lot of effort to assemble them because the device does most of the work for you.

Even, the professional construction and design of hoverboards are surprisingly easy to use, and people learn how to use them.

Jetson Impulse Hoverboard Similar Products

1. Jetson Aero All Terrain Hoverboard

Almost every hoverboard can handle pavement without a problem, but some run into trouble on more demanding terrain like dirt, grass, and gravel – the tires aren’t grippe enough.

However, if you want a model that comes with high-quality performance, then you can purchase the Jetson Aero All Terrain Hoverboard. That equipped with large, treaded 8-inch tires which smooth out the ride on most surfaces.

As from features, it is powered by a 300-watt dual hub motor that can handle terrain and inclines without trouble; and this LED light help illuminate your path when riding in low light.

After all, the hoverboard can accommodate loads up to 195 pounds, and you should be able to travel up to about seven miles on a charge easily.

2. Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard

Next up we have picked the Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard, which comes with an impressive run.

On the other hand, the device can run with speed to the wind. Even its speed is 12 miles per hour. That means that even if you are a beginner, you can easily maintain the device.

Secondly, the hoverboard speed is perfect within safety limits because it is an essential feature that you cannot afford to miss whenever riding, especially on the hoverboard.

So, this is a great product that is fast perfect for making you reach any place well in time. Even, it is at its top speed and is perfect in limits to control correctly. For these high-quality features, if you want to apply the brakes suddenly even at the maximum speed.

3. Jetson Z12 Extreme Terrain Hoverboard

Another recommendation is the Jetson Z12 Extreme Terrain Hoverboard. Everyone knows that life is not so smooth. So, the same is true for the parts on which we walk in our regular life.

The jetson impulse hoverboard has to face the same circumstances. The hoverboard’s speed is 12 miles per hour.

If you purchase this one, you can enjoy a premium riding experience with the device. An enhanced Bluetooth speaker delivers a crisp, clear sound and the front LED lights flash to the beat of your music so you can take the party with you wherever you go.

The device comes boasting a 400-watt dual hub motor, and premium lithium-ion battery and the Nitro reaches speeds up to 12 MPH and has a max range of up to 10 miles.

On the other hand, the device is great for kids and adults, that is easy to use and carry. Because if you purchase this one the go car attachment, it has made the hoverboard more fun for everyone.

4. Jetson X2 Extreme Terrain Hoverboard

The Jetson X2 Extreme Terrain Hoverboard is made for kids and adults, reflected in the price.

The device is every inch a high-performance scooter. The device comes with an ultra-powerful 800-watt hub motor, and it reaches speeds up to 12 mph.

The device connects to the enhanced Bluetooth speaker integrated into the board and plays music from your phone.

5. Jetson Electric Bikes V6 Hoverboard

Lastly, the Jetson Electric Bikes V6 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Electric Scooter is the best hoverboard if you want long-lasting attractive color.

However, it is fantastic, and that does not make a sound while using. On the other hand, the lights on the wheels are so cool.

It comes with the perfect battery life which is great. As for features, it takes a few hours to charge fully, and when we unplug it. However, one of the best things about the device is its tires. Itself balancing scooter comes with 26 x 9 x 8 inches off-road tires.

These durable tired mean that you can ride the board almost anywhere without worrying about damaging it. As for features, it comes with connection features for smartphones.

So you can maintain your speed using a downloadable application and play music through its built-in speakers using a Bluetooth connection.

What to look for when buying a hoverboard

With the exception of some rather oddball models, every device pretty much all look alike, that’s why you won’t generally purchase one on aesthetics.

So, before buying a hoverboard you need to consider which is the best one for your needs.

[Safety first]:  Safety is the most important for every hoverboard, so you need to make sure any model you look at is UL-certified, which should ensure the battery and charging system is safe.

Even consider the motor power, battery, and the faster it’ll go, and the steeper an incline it should be able to navigate.

However all range is most important; few hoverboards specify how long the device run like an hour, while others estimate the distance you can go between charges, such as 5-7 miles. On the other hand, most of the brand comes with extra features, like Bluetooth for listening to music while you ride or connecting to an app that lets you control the hoverboard’s handling and lights.

Care for the customer

Making and selling a high-quality product is not perfect, maintaining a healthy relationship with the user is also important. Before buying a product everyone needs to consider which speed fits for you that can avoid maintaining providing the accident after-sale services to the users.

Jetson Impulse Hoverboard brands

We suggest our customers choose hoverboard from recognized brands, which provides the best customer service with service centers within the nation’s territory, and most importantly with a fair price.

However, if you find a well-known brand, then first check the offers and then check if the seller is trustworthy by reading reviews from other users.

Budget and sale price

Most people love the device that comes with useful features and very usable electric products. As for prices, you can compare your wishes product, that best for your budget.

Then you can purchase one which is best for your needs. On the other hand, you will get all information about the product in their product description.

However, on this page, we only review Jetson impulse hoverboards that is for sale online, with a variable price range, which gives you the opportunity to choose from the cheapest to the most expensive.

So, if you do not have a limited budget, do not skimp on the price, but evaluate if the price is adequate for the qualities you need from the product and preferably consider only the list of the best sellers.

Check the reviews

The Jetson impulse hoverboard really wonderful product on the market, that comes with great features. Even knowing several opinions from users who have already purchased a device is a really useful method for people interested in buying that specific product. For this hoverboard reviews are easy to find, and it’s easy to identify whether users had a positive or negative experience. So, we hope you will feel in love with this device. That got 4.6 out of 5.

However, before buying the impulse hoverboard you can consider this steep:

  • A number of product reviews and ratings.
  • What opinions are the ones that predominate?
  • Positive and negative reviews of the product.


We care about you and your family, that is why we have only brought our guide to the model with certification and the best guarantees they offer. Like the hoverboard is one of the best ways for you.


Another important part is speed. Almost every people like a powerful model, right? The Jetson impulse hoverboard speed normally ranges between 5-6km/ h, exceeding 10km/ h are already considered high speed.


Weight is important when choosing the Jetson impulse hoverboard. So, if you are a strong person, you have to go for the model that can bear the weight. The hoverboard support about 90 kilos.

Wheel size:

The hoverboard has 6.5 inches in diameter, if you need to travel more complex surfaces there are models available with 8 inches.

Loading time

The device should note that the charging time varies between the different brands and the different prices. So, the model will typically take around 2-3 hours to complete a charge.

Jetson Impulse Hoverboard Features

Perfect seating position for the racer’s edge.

Comes with a Bluetooth-enabled hoverboard that plays music while you ride.

Intuitive steering.

Switch from Jetkart to Hoverboard quickly.

Its ride Jetson app-enabled.

Galaxy Light up Wheels.

Modular Design for easy storage.

Warranty and after-sales service

We hope you may have noticed that we recommend buying them from Amazon because of the warranty and good after-sales service they offer. The Jetson impulse hoverboard that we have to recommend to you, we have made sure that the users who bought the model speak well of the service. So, it is most important before buying the model that you make sure that it is.


Finally, in this review, those who generally give their opinion are the parent,s who in the end are the ones who buy, and in most cases, modern hoverboards has positive reviews; since many of them have professional quality and safety certifications, and they guarantee that they are safe for use by children, a circumstance that any parent should take into account if they are thinking of buying one of these for their child.

After all, the review we hope we have helped you in purchasing the Jetson impulse hoverboard that best suits your needs, but if the select ones are out of budget, we leave you below an entry in which to analyze the best reusable hoverboards and some more as a gift.

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