Top 10 Benefits With Vitamix e320 Manual Blender

vitamix e320 manualBeing confident with your Vitamix e320 manual blender can enhance your life in so many ways. It can blend easily your meal and vegetables and can even help you quickly make juice for your family.

As the blender researcher, we’re uniquely positioned to help you purchase the right blender for your needs, blend, and make juice with confidence so you can quickly finish your work of everyday life.

After all, we offer a wide range of flexible blenders, so whether you’re an absolute professional chef, or want to top up your cooking experience and become an expert chef, we’ve got the right tool for you.

Reason to buy this product

Users are very happy with the Vitamix e320 exploring blender as it is an affordable blender with exclusive features.

The ease of operating and cleaning makes it more popular than other blenders. So, the blender’s durability is pretty impressive as it can last more than a decade with proper maintenance.

If you compared to another blender, you will always get the best features and benefits from the Vitamix blenders.

For the high-quality features, you will be happy to pick Vitamix for sure. So, in this review and have a closer look at the benefits you will enjoy through this blender.

Powerful Motor

The blender comes with a 2.2-peak horsepower motor that is the most significant and convincing feature of the Vitamix e320 dry container.

On the other hand, the blender is pretty much less expensive than another high-end Vitamix model. Its cyclonic power of the motor always offers a smooth and chunk-free blending.

Especially, it owns an adjusted cooling fan that keeps it cool while it is in action. After all, the cooling fan provides continuous blending without any heating issue.

Vitamix E320 Blade

It comes with a 4-inch blade that offers a wide area of blending. This sharp blade can churn any tough items such as – coffee beans easily.

The blender blade is quite durable, so when you purchase this one you do not need to replace it very often.

Keep in mind that, you should handle it with caution because of the blender’s extra sharpness. Because you might get hurt.

Variable speed and pulse

The Vitamix e320 manual blender comes with a 10-variable speed and pulse function on the motor base.

For these high-quality features, you can easily control the machine that helps to get the recipe’s perfect consistency every time.

So, its pulse function makes the blender easier to grind any hard items quickly. When you add the items to the blender, you just need to press the pulse feature and it will give you a smooth blending. The blender is great for both of the speed settings making it more convenient to use.


Most people sometimes avoid using blenders just because of the difficulty of the cleaning process.

But if you purchase the Costco Vitamix e320 that provides a hassle-free cleaning. To get the best result you just need to drop liquid soap and warm water into the jar and thus run the machine at a high speed for 1 minute.

Then, remove the soapy water and rinse the blender with normal water. Next up, let the container dry properly. If you can take proper care of your blender then it will provide a long-time service.

1. BUDGET PICK: Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender

Would you look for the best quality Vitamix blender?

Most of the users are happy with this blender, which comes with a reasonable price and it is the cheapest way to go a new Vitamix with a full-sized 64-oz container. This is one of the models is those with 48-oz containers or those that are refurbished as new models.

The Costco Vitamix e320 comes with all 10 speeds, the full 2.2 horsepower motor of more expensive models. That container is even dishwasher safe.

The model is one of the Explorian series of Vitamix blenders. The series also includes the Vitamix e310.

These two series model comes with a simple blender interface with no automatic functions, just 10 variable speeds, and pulse.

The 5 Best Reasons You Should Get Vitamix E320

  • The Vitamix e320 exploring blender costs less than most Vitamix countertop blenders.
  • It chops much better from the wider container and blades.
  • It can easily fit in the standard 18-inch cabinet without a hassle.
  • It comes with a 7-years standard warranty longer than E310’s.
  • Even the blender comes with a powerful 2.2HP motor and ten incremental speeds.
  • Even the machine is perfect for hot soups, frozen, desserts, mojito cocktails, nonfat coffee toppings, and so forth.

What Can You Do With The Vitamix E320?

We hope you already know some of the things you can make with the Vitamix e320 dry container, but these might provide you with some more inspiration.

6 ideas of what you can make with your E320 “wet” blade container:

Milkshakes – We think milkshakes are the first thing you make with your Vitamix e320 lowest price blender. Ice, ice cream, and milk are the base ingredients you need for any milkshake.

There is one of the top benefits is that you can add almost anything; really the possibilities are almost endless. According to our research, most of the users think that their Vitamix machines make the best milkshakes.

Soup – When you have the E320 manual blender, then you can make cold soup ingredients and broth you choose and blend. It cuts through your broth and ingredients create friction that creates enough heat so that after about six minutes of blending time, you will get the hot yummy soup!

Sauce – You can use the blender for tomato sauce.

Sorbets – When you have the blender then, a simple sorbet can be made by starting with your favorites fruits, fresh, a sweetener of some kind, some ice cubs maybe add some lemon juice to taste and gain, countless frozen desserts.

Juice – You can use it for the blender juices. So get for best result choose your favorite fruit or vegetable and blend after removing rinds, apple cores, or other parts that you don’t normally eat. Now you will get healthy juices.

Ice Cream – Most people love ice cream that can be made with milk and sugar added to ice cubes and some vanilla extract. So, when you want to make ice cream with this blender, then blend until you reach the consistency that you prefer.

Things to Consider When Buying a Vitamix e320 Manual Blender

 Buying a Vitamix e320 blender is not like any other purchase.

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4.7 out of 5
4.7 out of 5
Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz....
Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz....
Customer Rating
4.7 out of 5
Vitamix VM0197 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 48 oz. Container,...
Vitamix VM0197 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 48 oz. Container,...
Customer Rating
4.7 out of 5
Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container,...
Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container,...
Customer Rating
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To help you find the right blender for you, before we get to our actual blender review, in this first section, we’ll highlight the features and design points that make each design unique.

Remember these, and they will help you to find the best blender to suit your needs.

This is because each feature will be more or less important depending on what you’re looking for and what you need in the right blender for you and your kitchen or outdoor use.

  • Container

Amazon basis the Vitamix e320 manual blender is one of the best blenders you will find on the market, that is functional enough for the kitchen or outdoor use.

The machine container is made of Eastman Tritan Copolyester material, which is BPA-free material that can withstand high impact and temperatures up to 94°F. For this high-quality design and function the texture of the ingredients so speed adjustments are possible without stopping the motor.

Even the blender includes lines for measurements in ounces, cups, and milliliters to eliminate the guessing game in recipes.

The machine’s black rubber handle makes it the blender easy to pour the contents through the perfect spout. It comes with clear plastic and has a clear plug through which the tamper can insert. However, the tamper is useful in creating a better blending vortex, mixing thick smoothies, and scraping the sides.

  • Blades


The blender comes with a 4-inch blade made from hardened stainless steel, a sharp and sturdy part that will last for years even with the daily use of frozen ingredients.

As from features, the blender can chop, grind and churn virtually any food from frozen fruits and ice cubes to nuts, green left vegetables, and coffee beans.

So, if you purchase the Vitamix E320 Explorian blender black, then you don’t need sharpening, too, since it will stay sharp for several years, not to mention that it won’t rust.

  • Control Panel and Speed

The Vitamix e320 blender is as simple as can in terms of its control panel! Without reading the instruction guide you can easily control the machine that everything is laid out on the control panel, from the on/off switch to the dial for speeds.

Even, you can change the speeds even when the motors running and the transition from low speed to high speed and vice versa is as smooth as can be.

[Note]: The blender comes with two switches and a dial on the control panel. Its pulse switch is on the right, the dial for the 1-10 speeds is at the center, and the on/off switch is at the right.

  • Dimension

The Vitamix e320 Costco measures 18 inches from the base to the lid if the jar is placed on top of the base motor. As for features, you can simply place the entire blender in a perfect cabinet on the kitchen counter.

So, don’t worry about the blender features up an entire cabinet or most of the counter space since the blender has a fairly compact base.

Its base has another function aside from the control panel. Underneath the blender is a few grooves where the 4.5 feet cord can be neatly placed when the blender isn’t in use.

Does Vitamix E320 Blender have Self-cleaning?

Blenders are a professional issue in most kitchens, and these countertop machines are for more than just making smoothies. Most people use this kitchen appliance to make sauces, dips, soup, spreads, desserts, beverages, and even burgers.

However, this review highly recommends the Vitamix e320 exploring blender black, which are quick, and straightforward to clean. So, if you purchase this one, you just need to add some drops of liquid soap, and half-full warm water into the jar, and then let it run at high speed for 45-60 seconds.

However, when you rinse, the container should be sparkling. So, there is not something you need to use the extra dishwasher.

After all, we do recommend washing immediately after using to avoid the dark minerals clouding the sides. Even, you can give a deep wash with a cleaning sponge once in a while to remove the food particles that might be stuck in the corners.

Since, the blender motor base, you can wipe with a damp dishtowel while ensuing no dripping water enter through the breathing spaces.

Does Vitamix E320 Blender make hot soup?

Most of the powerful blender comes with high performance, like the Explorian E320 that you can use to perform a variety of kitchen tasks.

Without any confusion, you can purchase the right one that you can make frozen desserts, whip nonfat cream, prep, sauces, and knead the dough for bread. After all, you could run it at high speed for five or six minutes to heat your mixture.

What’s the difference between Vitamix E310 and E320?

The Vitamix E310 vs E320 are both parts of the exploring family. These two blenders come with different features and performances. So the Vitamix E310 manual is relatively cheaper and comes with a multi-use container that can come in handy when making butter.

But if you looking for a blender to be blending for a larger family or occasion, then the Vitamix e320 manual blender has a larger 64-ounce jar. It includes a longer warranty period and in some single-serve blending cups, plus a personal cup adapter.

E310 vs E320

Hopefully, the blender is the perfect tool for your needs, but if not it’s simple:

E320: 64oz container.

E310: 48oz container.

These two blenders have a pulse feature and a variable speed control dial. These two blenders else the same.

E320 vs A2300

It is not easy to purchase the right product because these two blenders are very close in price and features. These E320 vs A2300 both have 10 speeds and a 64-oz container.

But, the A2300 comes with the latest features like a digital countdown timer, touch screen, the ability to place other containers on it, and include safe dishwasher containers. They come at the same price; the A2300 has many more features.

E320 vs 750

E320 vs 750 manual blender comes with different prices, with the 750 being significantly more expensive. At a reasonable price, you will get top features and pre-set programs, it the commercial-grade motor, all-metal finish, and a less noisy machine. These two blenders have 64-oz containers and 10 variable speeds though.

E320 vs 5300

Without any confusion, you can purchase this two blender that comes with almost the same features. And these two are both 64-oz containers. Even these blenders 2.2HP motor. On the other hand, they don’t have presets.

Vitamix e320 Manual Blender – Final Verdict

Finally, you can purchase the Vitamix e320 manual, according to our research, it is one of the best machines for your kitchen. So we hope you should buy a Vitamix E320, and that is:

  1. a) It comes with a 64-oz container.
  2. b) There is no way you’ll tolerate a reconditioned blender and a shorter warranty.

It comes at an affordable price from the Explorian series in the Vitamix family. So, who have budget issues, then the Vitamix e320 Explorian blender can be a wise pick for you.

It is less expensive and is powerful and can be used for versatile food-making purposes. On the other hand, it will save your time as this takes a few minutes to make any recipe.

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